GINGER TISANE ( Ginger tea)

I found some text about ginger... I mean, WOW! That herb is really good for our body! Lots of people already enjoy the ginger beer , ginger ale or ginger used as spice in foods. That's so great, because there are great benefits of using ginger. After a little research, I decided to post a ginger tisane recipe ( or tea with ginger ). But, as usually, before recipe, some little interesting info about the herb ginger.


LEMON BALM TISANE ( Lemon balm tea )

Lemon balm is another herb useful for relaxing. In short lemon balm tisane can help dealing with nervous or anxious states, or when you have some digestion or similar problems. It has nice lemon smell, so when preparing lemon balm tisane you don't need to use lemon to have that nice smell. Of course, it's good to add some lemon juice because of vitamin C.

PEPPERMINT TISANE ( Peppermint tea )

Peppermint tisane
Photo by : heidarewitsch
If you ever feel nervous or anxious about something, or you have some digestion problems, you could try peppermint tisane, maybe it will reduce or calm  those symptoms. It will also help you relax after hard day at work or school.