Hot tisane
Hot tisane

Tisane is an infusion made from dried herbs parts ( leaves , stalks , roots , flowers or seeds ) on which the boiled water is pured. Except this way, there are few more ways how to prepare tisanes. Tisanes are mostly used as a refreshing, detoxing or healthy beverage if it is used because of it's beneficent effects.

We can say that tisane is a herbal tea if we live where English language is spoken, but if we live where french language is spoken, then we would use word tisane. That's where that word comes from (french language) and is pronounced as [ tea-ZAHN ]. Using the word "tisane" for infusions made from dried herbs is better, because in that way we can make difference between "herbal tea" and "tea" which comes from tea bush, called Camellia sinensis.

Now we know difference between tisane and tea!? :)

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