Tisanes made from healthful herbs have small amount or none of the adverse consequences that chemicals in pills can have.

Tisanes can be considered healthy because some of the herbs used in tisanes can help in:

  • blood cleansing, 
  • prevention and relieve of inflammations and pain, 
  • calming the body and anxious states
  • regulation of blood flow and metabolism
  • regulation of body temperature, etc...

Furthermore, herbs used for tisanes can cleanse the body from harmful chemical substances which can be there because of use of canned foods, fertilizers or pesticides sprayed foods. 

Because of vitamins, minerals, natural sugars and other healthy substances found in the herbs for tisane, they even refresh and invigorate our organism.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT NOTE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This blog collects information about tisanes, or herbal teas, and their possible effects on our body and metabolism. DON'T USE INFORMATION FOUND ON THIS BLOG AS MEDICAL ADVICE!!! If you are planning to use tisane recipes found in articles on this blog, please consult with your doctor or herbalist about that! Consulting with your doctor is very important if you are pregnant(or breast-feeding your baby), if you have any health issues or you have experienced any adverse consequences because of herbs.

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